René Schweizer

The author and originator

René Schweizer was born in Basle in 1943, where he went too school and passed his A-levels in economy. In the early sixties he won the scholarship of the Basle Drama School. Later he matriculated at university were he choose language subjects as well as history and philosophy. At the same time he was committed to the students theatre.

In 1977 he became well known in the German part of Switzerland due to the publishing of the first volume of his "nonsense-letter" series of books "Ein Schweizerbuch".

Schweizer then toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his own cabaret programme. The art fair "ART12.81" provided him with 200m2 area at the "Messe Basel" for his exhibition "unart".

From 1984 Schweizer lived in USA (Hollywood, Hawaii) and Arosa. 1990 he returned to Basle due to family reasons. Since then he was dedicated to his co-ordination-project: "the game of reality" the relation between science and art and the circulation o the knowledge of the scientific humour-research. 1996 he initiated the first International Congress "Humour as a therapy" at the congress centre of the Messe Basel.

In early 1997 the government of the canton Basel-Stadt rewarded him with a considerable amount for the continuation his overall concept "the game of reality".

A first step towards realisation of the overall Concept is the performance of the "Happy End Express"during the 3rd Humour Congress 1998 at the Messe Basel.


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